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You need a germicidal lamp, not a 'black light' or insect zapper tube.
The most common ones look like normal slimline (4/6/8 watt 6,9,12" I
think ) fluorescent tubes, but they are transparent (no phosphor), and
can be driven with the same type of ballast. You MUST use a
light-proof enclosure with an interlock as the UV can cause eye and
skin damage. Erase times are typically 5-10 mins.
Another type of bulb (don't know if it's still made) is the Philips
TUV, which needs no ballast.  The easiest (but probably not cheapest) source is often as 'spares'
for commercial UV erasers.

>Last question (I promise!) if using the internal
>4MHz osc on the OTP parts, does it need calibrating
>or what range freq are they in?
There is a calibration value programmed into OTP parts, which you need
to load into the OSCCAL reg by putting MOVWF OSCCAL at address 0. This brings the osc to within about 5% of 4MHz (check datasheet for

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