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Thread: I've been threatening to do this...
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At 07:06 PM 2/5/01 +0100, Stein Sem-Jacobsen wrote:
>To make pictures of your circuits, download a PostScript printerdriver. Then
>print to a file. You'll then get a *.EPS file, which can be converted
>further in a image editing program.
>It's a page I set up som time ago.

I have postscript output drivers for this cad program, but they have never
worked properly.  The only ones that I know work are raster drivers for
printers, HP PCL for HP's ink/laser jet printers, and HP-GL.

It's not a windows app, so windows drivers don't help.

I've got a package that's supposed to let me print to GIF, but it's decided
to quit on me too... #@$!$!#$%

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