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Thread: micro web ?
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Look under "Routines / Code library / Input/Output " then "Input / Output "
then scroll down to "Networks - OSI 3 " and click on ""PICs in cyberspace"
(embedded internet PICs), "

I really only bothered to list open source PIC or SX web servers. The "add
on chip" and "buy my code" sites are fine but code is what we want! Right?

Its just that there is so much on the site <STRUT> that it is hard to
categorize it in a way that every one can follow. I try to present a few
main links on each page and hope that people will ask themselves "Which of
these general categories would what I'm looking for be under" then they
follow that link and repeat the process until they get to what they want.

If you feel that a link should also be somewhere else, log in (see the
bottom of the page) and add the link yourself. Same goes for links to other
sites or comments or your own pages... The site IS editable by any member.
And each member gets a home page and directory for their own home (and
other) pages. (Let me repeat: FREE WEB HOSTING AT PICLIST.COM) It IS, after
all, designed to be a collaborative effort. (Read between the lines here,
I'm getting tired of being the only person maintaining the FAQ site. Nik and
a few others are the only people who have bothered to help update the site.)
And if commercial success is the only thing that motivates... check
18 thousand people (distinct IPs) hit the site last month. 639,204 hits. The
December stats are incomplete as I started using this new software on the
17th of that month. Google indexed the site again on the 26th and this time,
they actually seem to have gotton some of it. Notice the growth in the last
few days... You want your site linked in at piclist.com, or better yet, you
want your site AT piclist.com.

Anyway, The search engine makes a HUGE difference. Just enter some keywords
separated by "AND" or "OR" or "NEAR" and it will get you there. If it can't
find anything in the FAQ site, it automatically switches to searching the
piclist.com PICList Archive.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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