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Thread: : New to PIC16F877
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William Chops Westfield wrote:

> If you don't know either the bitrate OR where the start bit is, you'd have
> a really interesting time - you'd almost be better off with a software uart.
> (scan for "narrowest bit" to get speed, use start/stop bit detection to sync
> with correct character positions.)

Perhaps that's the key.

Have the software scan for the bit width you mention and when it is
happy, set the UART baud rate to suit.

To establish comms, the PC or whatever can send out a stream of 'X'
chars (?) until told to stop, or for a fixed duration.

The receiver scans the bit widths to decide on a baud rate and sets the

If it detects all bytes are 'X' then ACK to PC that it is online.

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