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Thread: Non Polar Electrolytic Capacitor
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Did nobody see my original reply to this? :o)

I'll repeat, when I was trained back in the
valve days, it was taught as correct practice
to replace NP caps with two polarised caps
in series, reverse. It was also taught that
that is basically what is inside a NP cap,
and that is why they are 2x bigger physically.
What's more the construction of some of the
earlier NP caps was in fact two cans back to back
with a rubber seal at each end (axial type).
If my memory is not too rusty we disected one
of these in class.

Over the last 20 years TV servicing I have
used this technique hundreds of times in
situations where it was not worth the wait
to order a specialised cap. I have NEVER
had one fail, even in the hot overworked TV
environment and some of these sets are still
owned and used by friends.

Diodes?? Ha ha! You guys are killin' me! ;o)

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