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Thread: Non Polar Electrolytic Capacitor
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> 2.    Connect two capacitors, each of the desired capacitance, positive to
> positive.
> ACROSS each capacitor connect a diode (one diode for each capacitor) with
> the anode connected to the capacitor negative terminal and the cathode
> (stripe on diode) connected to the capacitor positive terminal. That is,
> diode will conduct when the REVERSE polarity is applied to the capacitor.
> Each capacitor should be the required initial; capacitance and NOT double
> the value as would be the case when placing capacitors in series in a
> way.
> In your case use 2 x 4.7 uF caps rated at 100 volts or more.

I don't like this circuit at all because it acts like one capacitor as the
other is charging up, but will act like two capacitors in series once both
have been charged up.  There will also be sudden jumps in the characteristic
as the diodes go off and on.

Note that there is no way for either capacitor to discharge, so eventually
it will act as two capacitors in series with the diodes no longer coming on.
Once that stage is reached, the effective capacitance will be half of either

In short, don't do it this way.

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