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Thread: Using Picstart to program PIC16F877 in circuit
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Nicholas Irias wrote:
> The Microchip docs on ICSP recommend that the Promate be used to program the
> flash chips rather than the Picstart.  Apparently the more expensive
> programmer verifies writes at the extremes of the chip's rated Vcc range.
> In practice, does the Picstart programmer work in this application, or is it
> an unmitigated disaster?  I am interested in trying the newer flash chips,
> but not interested enough to shell out for a $700 programmer before buying
> my first chip.

Hi Nicholas, I use the Picstart Plus for programming
all the 16Fxxx series ICSP with no problem. The Picstart
only verifies at 5v. I always run my PICs from 5v
so it works fine.

This only becomes an issue if you need to run at less
than 5v. Even so, you could program your chips at 5v
and then run test them in your application at 3.3v
(for example) to test them. This would porbably work
if you did not need to produce a commercial product.

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