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Thread: PIC Robot Update
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Tom Handley wrote:
>    This is an update on my effort to design a PIC-based Robot. For those of
> you following the earlier dialog with Dan, Steve, Roman, and others on this
> subject, I finally have a good (re: great) mechanical platform. <snip>

Hi Tom! I enjoyed reading your robot story. :o)
So where's the pictures??

Good to hear the bot tracks straight without any
compensation, that's one of the worst problems
with DC motor driven differential drive bots.
I have used a "trim" series resistor at times
(very low ohms) to make two motors run at the same
speed, assuming relatively constant load. The
other solution of course is to go to proper
encoders with closed loop speed control.

Does he/she/it have a purpose yet? Or just
as a development platform for now? :o)

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