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Thread: F876 programming questions
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My understanding of the programming algorithm is that you do _not_ have to
hold off the oscillator by forcing it low, if you meet the spec for Vpp/MCLR
transition from Vss to Vpp (ie: 72 osc clocks).

The chip will ignore the osc completely if Vpp/MCLR is valid at Vpp within
those 72 clocks.

For example, the ICD will work perfectly to program an F876 with only Vcc,
Vss, MCLR/Vpp, RB6 and RB7 connected.

There is no need to do anything to the clock, or in my experience, RB3/LVP -
although some have claimed problems with the latter.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(contract development of high performance, high function, low-level

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