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Thread: single chip MPEG video decoing
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I don't know that there are single chip Analog-MPEG, too much for one device
(i.e. not enough market, apart from the fact CODECS rarely survive more than
6 months). One path is:
1) a Video CODEC that will convert Analog Video to a fairly uncompressed
digital form. Analog Devices for instance make a range of such devices in
120-160 pin TQFP.
2) An MPEG video CODEC, either a dedicated IC (obsolete in 6 months), an
FPGA implementation (need to buy new IP Core every 6 months) or a DSP
implementation (need to license new software every 6 months). Either way I'd
say you'd be looking at >100pin **FP or *BGA and prob. $5K-10K licensing.

Basically, you'll need a lot of resources for such a project (e.g. 4 layer
prototype boards most likely with BGA packages). The fact that you are
asking on the PIC List for such information suggests to me (no offense) that
the project is a little out of your range.

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