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Thread: single chip MPEG video decoing
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Please look at the subject line carefully. We are talking about Video not

The originator of this thread took the trouble to read EXACTLY what I had
written, then test it by undertaking basic research on the web.

I took care to ensure that there was no doubt I was talking about VIDEO at
no time did I attempt to cloud the issue by mentioning audio or any other
non-digital signal. (Although at least one other person did).

There is one fundamental difference between Analogue Audio and Video one
aims to reproduce an exact facsimile of the sound pressure waves at the
originating end (one dimensional with respect to time), the other "tricks"
human eyes into thinking they are watching an exact facsimile at the remote
end of a visual image (two dimensional with respect to time) as would be
seen by human eyes. Now to obtain the same level of processing on an
acoustic signal, as perceived by a human, as is applied to achieve a PAL,
SECAM, NTSC encoded video signal, one has to apply the same level of
........ I have got bored with this, its so basic, and I have my tax returns
to do before the end of the month otherwise I get a 100 quid (British
Pounds) fine

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/displays.htm?key=video
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