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Thread: single chip MPEG video decoing
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Hmmm, interesting. I got my information from three lectures at a course
I did at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The three lectures are
members of MPEG.
       I also see your point, where I think the terminology gets mixed up a
bit is here, if you DECODE an analogue video signal it is assumed you
are decoding a COMPOSITE video signal (luminance mixed with chroma).
Once it is decoded you now have a component signal, the component signal
consists of three signals Y,U,V (somtimes RGB). This component signal
can be in the form of either an analogue or digital signal. To make an
MPEG data stream you then need to send this Uncompressed digital data
stream, (or if you are using the analogue signal it needs to be
converted to digital first) to an MPEG ENCODER (these can be upto and
over $100K depending on quality).

Stuart O'Reilly

Chris Carr wrote:
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/displays.htm?key=video
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Subject (change) single chip MPEG video decoing

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