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Thread: CCS Compiler Error - Internal Error - Contact CCS (With Correct Header)
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Hi Folks,

I am building a PIC based terminal with a 40 X 2 Character display and
5 X 4 keypad. This interfaces to a PC through an RS232 port.

I have the keypad and display working fine. I press a key, the proper
character shows up on the display. I was also able to get the same
character out the RS232 port.

As the final stage in development, I attempted to enable interrupt driven
RS232 receives so when a character arrived on the RS232 port, I could
process it to the display. However, when I tried compiling this I received
the following error:

    "Internal Error - Contact CCS => Code 20:585:6"

The error shows up on the last line of my code. According to the
documentation, the error is in linking. The only code in the routine moves
the received character into a buffer and increments the index for the buffer.
I sent the code to CCS but thought I would ask if anyone has any ideas on this.



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