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Thread: Homemade Programmer 16F877
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> Hi Jeethu
> Just use one or two silicon diodes between the middle pin(earth) and the
> rail this will "Lift" the voltage by 0.6volts each  so 1.2v if using two.
> The other way is to Cascade an 8volt from a 5volt reg so that the middle
> of the 8 volt reg is at 5 volts then you should have 13volts.
> I am using a "clasic" Tait programmer for the 16f877 and using Nigle
> Goodwins WPICPROG877
> http://www.ipilsley.co.uk/software/
> Its built on veroboard    I find that its good but the picprog seems
> to set code protect so have to just uncheck it before burning.
> My other "HOT TIP" or really silly mistake I made while using the 877 was
> assuming it was ok not to set ADCON1 ,I hear the experts laugth but you
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