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Thread: single chip MPEG video decoing
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Stewart, I have no intention of getting involved in terminology wars.
If you can quote your sources of reference for the information given
below  then I may be prepared to agree with you. However, the CCIR who are
the international standards setting body DECODE an analogue video signal
into digital and ENCODE a digital signal into analogue video.

If you want chips for a set top box to receive digital video transmissions
you look for Encoder Chips.


> I just thought I would clear some things up here.
> Mpeg Encoder= Takes an analogue video signal or an un-compressed digital
> video data stream as an input and outputs an MPEG data stream. You will
> find this as a one chip solution.
> MPEG Decoder= Takes an MPEG data stream as an input and will output an
> analogue video signal or an un-compressed digital video data stream. You
> will possibly find this as a multiple chip solution depending on the
> you would like.
> Composite Video= Component, RGB or S- video that has been encoded using a
> composite encoder. One chip solution
> Regards
> Stuart O'Reilly
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Subject (change) single chip MPEG video decoing

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