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Thread: errors during programming
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Can you contact the makers of the Warp-13 Programmer?

It sounds like it is not working (or configured) properly.

I've never used the Warp-13 Programmer or CCS 'C' - I'm programming 16f877s
in assembly using MPLAB 5.11 and a homemade programmer based on microchips
article (AN589) and ProPic freeware, located here:

ProPic has the AN589 schematic on this page too.

This has been working fine for me, it's great to be able to program in

P.S. I don't know what you paid for the Warp-13 Programmer, but if your able
to get your money back  then Digikey has the MPLAB-ICD for $99 and Professor
Anderson has virtually identical thing for $89 at:

This is the combination in-circuit-programmer and in-circuit-debugger and of
course it works with Microchips software ... I'm very seriously considering
ordering one for myself.

Good luck.

Benjamin wrote:

I'm just getting started with PICs, using CCS 'C',
MPLAB 5.11.02, Warp-13 Programmer, and 16f877s.
Everything compiles great, but I get these messages in
the psplus.err file when programming:
"Errors during programming - configuration bits not
"Program memory errors"
"IO Errors"
"Data memory errors"
I'm guess that I'm missing the boat somewhere here,
tried searching the archives, and would appreciate any

Many thanks,
Benjamin Wood

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