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Thread: Calling HTML/CGI wizards....Auto page refreshing
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> I wanted to implement a quick and dirty way of refreshing a page generated from a CGI script.
> It's quite easy to do it the dirty way, with the <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" tag arrangement but it expects a URL to be specified....
> As I have "written out" the META tag via CGI, I don't have a specific URL to refresh "back to."
> The page can be manually refeshed via a submit button; is there a way of embedded the "submit" into the meta tag so that the refresh pretends that the
>  submit button is being pressed?
> Is it as easy as just specifying the Perl/CGI script that would be normally called on the submit?

How about entering the cgi script in the refresh?  You can sepcify parameters on the command line (which would be the same as the parameters received for the first call in your case).  For instance, lets assume you received a name parameter and I entered Steve... you could write out the refresh tag with the folloring url:

There are other conversions necessary to escape spaces and other special characters...  but that's a start...  look up CGI on the net to get more info on the character escapes, sending multiple parameters, etc.

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