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Thread: Calling HTML/CGI wizards....Auto page refreshing
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I wanted to implement a quick and dirty way of refreshing a page generated from a CGI script.
It's quite easy to do it the dirty way, with the <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" tag arrangement but it expects a URL to be specified....
As I have "written out" the META tag via CGI, I don't have a specific URL to refresh "back to."

The page can be manually refeshed via a submit button; is there a way of embedded the "submit" into the meta tag so that the refresh pretends that the
submit button is being pressed?
Is it as easy as just specifying the Perl/CGI script that would be normally called on the submit?

OR, better still, can anyone suggest a better way of doing this?

I know I could write out some javascript to a tiny frame that refreshes a main frame or something but I'd like to keep it simple (as it has to work on
Linux Lynx!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


PS: This is PIC related! I am trying to refresh data from an Internet-enabled embedded PIC

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