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Thread: 2.5KW Load
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> What is a save time delay to wait for the relay contacts to fully open or
> close?

Just a few milliseconds.

> If I use a 250Volt 20Ampere relay together with a IT615(600V 15A) triac
> (with a small heatsink). Will this be OK?

I'm guessing you will not need any heatsink at all.

> According to Peter L Peres this relay will also be hot after 30
> it a better option to look at bidirectional power MOSFET modules then?

I think he's talking about routing the load power thru a PCB. Direct wiring
would solve that problem. The relay contact resistance should be low enough
that it won't overheat in itself.

> I must also say that the ambient temperature is sometimes relatively hot
> (30 - 50 deg C) and can affect the efficiency of the heatsink.

All the more reason to go with the relay.

> Space is not the main consern but the thing must be very reliable and it
> must last for years...I also don't want the project to consist of 99%
> heatsink if I can prevent it and the cost must be preferrably as low as
> possible.

This should be very reliable since it eliminates the major failure mode of
both components: heat killing the triac and contact arcing wrecking the

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