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Thread: Generating a 120KHz pulse
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> >The closest you'll be able to get (with the 20MHz clock) is 8.2
> >microseconds.
> I beg to differ :)

And, of course, you'd be right!

> >This is an error of (8.3333-8.2)/8.33333 = about 1.6%
> >The actual frequency would be 121.951 KHz.
> However, if you used 8.4us (1 more instruction), you could get 119.047
> which is only 0.8% error.


> >12.000MHz or 18.000MHz would work fine.
> This is a better suggestion :)
> --Andrew

Would you believe my floating point unit was set to truncate mode instead of

Or maybe that I did the calculation on a Pentium?

Or just that I wasn't thinking too clearly?

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