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Thread: 2.5KW Load
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On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Francois Robbertze wrote:

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 Time to fully open and to fully close contacts are not equal and depends
both on the realy mecanics. Better is to measure it using a timer for
relay switch. However from 8 to 20 ms you may found any value, smaller
with relay dimensions and distance between contacts.
> According to Peter L Peres this relay will also be hot after 30 minutes...Is
> it a better option to look at bidirectional power MOSFET modules then?
 I have doubts you can't find a good relay. However you may use a trick,
power the relay coil through one of his normal closed contacts, on the
normal open one put a resistor to V+. When the relay is on his coil will
be powered with just a fraction on V+ enough to keep relay closed but less
with about 30% thermal stress. Much cheaper than a MOSFET modules.


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