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Thread: A/D advice needed
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> I didn't realize the PIC's with ADC's were so cheap! What's a favorite low
> cost PIC with ADC?
> Thanks,
> Mark
What are your other requirements?  Do you want Flash?  How much memory?
Other peripherals such as Timers and MSSP?

The newer "enhanced" 16F87x series have just about all the bells and
whistles including a 10 bit A/D, and the ability to read and write to
program memory via code.  Also you can use the ICD to program/debug.

For a lower cost, the 16C7x series maybe suitable, they have 8 bit A/D's.
Microchip are launching flash versions of this range sometime in the future.

For low pin count,  the 8 pin 12C67x range have 8 bit A/D converters.

Hope this helps


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