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Thread: Recommended crystals for 16F877
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Dave Van Horn wrote:
>>Well, Captain Jinx, why do "you" suppose so many others have had
>>so many xtal problems ??? - re, the many past threads on piclist.
>>Seems to me, anything I have ever plugged in worked first time,
>>every time. I am totally buffaloed [anglo-american term] by other
>>people's problems in this area. ???????????
>>- CFM
>I've noticed this, I've never had a rock problem either.
>I do read the spec sheets though :)

Gakkk - actually I don't even do that [he said, inviting a heavy
load from above], I always use the same ckt - 2 little 18-22 pF
caps + xtal/resonator.

I have 12-15 different pcbs, and some with an xtal socket for
testing different firmware. Some chips have autobaud detection,
and I have booted them from 1-20 Mhz [w/HS osc] by swapping xtals.
And nairy a glitch. So, these many piclist discussions always amaze
me. Maybe jus lucky, I guess, but after some many pcbs and use of
at least 12 different PICs, you would think the piper would have
caught me by now.

- danM

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