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Thread: Recommended crystals for 16F877
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At 04:43 PM 1/28/01 +1300, you wrote:
>> So, Captain Jinx, sir, have "you" ever had any problems with
>> getting your xtals to work with PICs?
>Well, Camp Follower Michaels, no. Had excellent results - crystals
>waved over my PICs have cured arthritis in all legs, confirmed none
>are pregnant and predicted wonderfully happy and prosperous
>days ahead. Ommmmm.....Ommmmm.....Ommmmm.....

Well, Captain Jinx, why do "you" suppose so many others have had
so many xtal problems ??? - re, the many past threads on piclist.
Seems to me, anything I have ever plugged in worked first time,
every time. I am totally buffaloed [anglo-american term] by other
people's problems in this area. ???????????


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