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Thread: Any ideas on a car security system?
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John De Villiers wrote:
> > Does anyone have any sound hypothesis (or better yet - real world
> > knowledge) about what happens when the fuel line to the injectors is
> > depressurized, as far as damage to the car?  (obviously it won't run well,
> > if it runs at all)
> As far as damage goes i dont think there is much that can go wrong. The fuel
> pump pumps like mad to keep the pressure in the injector bar up at whatever
> level it needs. It has a preasure bleedoff so that when the bar is at the
> desired pressure the fuel is just pumped back into the tank.
> Letting it run dry is a big fubar as you now have to bleed all the injectors
> to get the air out. NOT A FUN EXCERSIE.

I don't think it's quite that bad John, in the
old hot rod days of FI, the FI system was just
a pump with a return valve, and the throttle
operated a simple flow valve that controlled the
flow/pressure to the jets. It works alright.
I don't think air will get in there, just if
there is less pressure to the jets there will
be less (or no) fuel actually injected.

PS. My motorcycle is a new fuel injected type,
the '98 model was recalled with a FI system
problem related to a hose leak on the fuel pump
which caused pressure to fall. This simply caused
intermittant running when the pressure leak
was occuring.

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