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Thread: 16C773 development?
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M Ore wrote:
> Hi,
>   Does anyone have suggestions for faster development than using the
> JW(window) package and UV erasing, then reprogramming etc. ? Can't do a boot
> loader/expanded mode with these right?

Microchip explains a clever way in one of their datasheets,
I think it is the ICSP one. It tells how to do ICSP more
than once with a OTP PIC.

The technique works on the principle that programming
an OTP chip more than once (or a JW part more than once
before erasing it) can be done by adding a few extra
blank instructions before the program code.

Then, just program new code in AFTER your first attempt,
and put a "goto program_2" instruction in one of the
first blank spots. This can allow many reprogramming
cycles before an erase is ever needed.

By "blank" of course I meant the state of all 1s or
all 0s (I forget which!)... As the OTP is one-way,
ie, it can turn a 1 to 0 but not a 0 to 1 or whatever.
Anyway, it sounded clever when I read it, and I thought
that would be handy if I ever get stuck working on
JW series parts.

Personally I think it's criminal that Microchip's
8 pin flash devices are not finsihed yet! Costing them
a lot of money I think... Anyone know when they will
be on sale? :o)

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