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Thread: Recommended crystals for 16F877
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Ken Robertson wrote:
>Ok, I need some help (again).  None of the crystals that I am trying seem
to be working, and I >have narrowed it down to pretty much just the crystal.
>My first crystal, was a Series one, so I guess it wouldn't work.  I tried
to order the Epson >CA301 20Mhz crystal from Digi-Key, but they only shipped
it in quantities of a 1000, but they >said that they had a compatible
replacement for it, the Citizen CSA306 20Mhz.  I bought 3 of >them, but
ended up with 3 bags of 5 for ~$3.  Really cheap.  Their max imp. is 18pf,
but Radio >Shack didn't have any 18pf, so I got 10.  10 might be too low,
not sure, so I'm going to try 22 >later.

Every xtal I have ever tried has worked with PIC chips. Havena tried the
'877, but 12C672, C/F84, C62/72/73/74/76 and F874/876. Have tried everything
from 1, 2, 2.048, 4, 4.096, 5, 7.6, 8, 9.8, 10, 14.3, 16, 19.6, and 20.
Bought from Digikey, Jameco, and Mouser. Also tried 1/2 dozen resonators,
and all worked fine, except 16+ Mhz.

Also, I just talked to the field engineer at ECS a week ago, and he
told me series xtals should work ok in most cases, they will just be
off in frequency by ~1% or so.

Why on earth other people always have xtal problems, I have never
understood. I suspect that most problems are elsewhere than in the
xtal ckt.

- danM

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