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Thread: How to erase 12c508a??
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>Hello Pic-rs!
>Anyway to erase a 12c508A?? Some other numbers on the chip are 04/PHBW and
>The reason I'm asking is I've got a few of these little fellas. I've
>programmed 2 of them, needed to change the code on one of them, and the
>erase command is greyed out, ie: i cant use it. I'm using the September 2k
>release of P16PRO and I've also tried to use the latest version of PICALL,
>(I have a parallel programmer). The erase command is greyed out for all
>12c50X devices... can't any of these devices be erased??
>I read about Microchips OTP devices but I would have thought that Microchip
>would release some flash 12c50X? - ie: erasable 12c50X devices..
There's no point  - they do windowed UV-eraseable JW parts for
development. As the 12C's are aimed at high volume ultra low-cost
apps, most of which are unlikely to require field updates, the extra
cost of doing a flash version  isn't justified.
>I bought my 12c fellas under the impression I could erase them! I debug code
>by trial and error - code the chip, wack it in the circuit, and see if it
>I'm fully thinking I've missed something here..<GRIN>
Yes - you should have bought a couple of JW parts!
>Thanks guys!
>PS: The piclist has been my night time reading for many many months now! And
>no I don't mean it helps me to fall asleep! :) I've finally broken my
>silence! yeehaa!

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