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Thread: reading/writing 16F87x program memory
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When reading/writing the 16F87x program memory from itself, can the
configuration word be accessed?
I'm looking at this with a 16F876 (on an emulator so I can watch
registers), using the "flash program read" code from the data sheet
verbatim.  I can read locations 0-1FFFh ok, but when I try to read 2007h,
EEADRH gets changed from 20h to 0.  I don't see any obvious bit in
EECON1 that might have something to do with this.
In the intro discussion of this section, the datasheet says "These devices
can have up to 8K words of program EEPROM with an address range from 0h to
3FFFh", which is the same address range mapped out in the programming
spec for this part - leading me to believe I would be able to access the
configuration word.
Thanks for any help.

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