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Mike Harrison wrote:

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Hmmm, although i'm a big believer in the "energy is never
made, only transformed" concept I do like the idea of
UNUSUAL energy sources, like generating power from the
rotation of the earth, or even from gravity which I
believe will be possible when we understand more about
how to generate or modify it.

I stayed up all night recently with a brainwave on
how to build a generator using the earths rotation and
gyroscopic precession, was very proud of myself. The
next night I searched the net and found a NUMBER of
registered patents for very similar devices. Many
of which had working prototypes. Not really hard to
do, just needed the idea! I would have enjoyed building
it to prove it worked, but what's the point when I
would just be working on another proven generator
with a stupidly low power output. A cheap solar
cell would work better, (but not as conversational).

One thing of note, these generate power through
harnessing the kinetic energy already in the spinning
planet, so if they were cost feasible the use of
large generators *would* slow the planets rotation.
We get enough complaining from the greenies already!! ;o)

I do like peltier devices. Fully solid state, it's
a chunk of silicon that produces electricity when
one side has a temperature differential to the
other. This opens up the possibility of ocean
thermal and land air thermal energy, where the
temperature difference is too small for most
thermal generators that boil steam or ammonia.
Now I just need a few hundred tons of peltiers
and some BIG heatsinks and some garden hose....


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