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Thread: 2.5KW Load
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Francois Robbertze wrote:
> Sorry this is off-topic!
> My pic is connected to a triac optocoupler(MOC3041) that drives a bigger triac (IT615) which is rated at 600V 15Amperes.
> When I switch 2.5KW heater element on at 220Volt the triac(IT615) with heatsink becomes very-very hot. Must I get a higer rated triac or must I look for some other problems?
> I am sure that the pic software don't switch the triac on/off the whole time..It switch on at a certain time and off after a 5minute delay.

That triac is not really suited to the load you are
driving. A 15amp triac is a fairly small one, and
you are driving a pretty hefty load at 2.5kW.

Most 15A triac have a fairly high sat (on) voltage
typically 3 volts or worse when near their max

2500w/220v= 11.4A, could be dissipating as
much as 35w. Big heat!

I suggest at least a 20amp stud mount device
on a good heatsink (about 1 pound of aluminium
per 35 watts is a good guide) or maybe do what
most commercial systems do, go for a relay? No
heat loss! You don't need fast switching for 5
minute cycle times?


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