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Thread: Hydrogen - making,storage,burning
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William Jacobs wrote:
> Has anyone done the math on this?  Other than a bang, would not the
> electric used as produce 3414 btu / KWh.  Is that not more heat than
> would come from the combustion of the gas?

Electrolysis cells normally run fairly hot. The wasted
energy (not used to electrolyse the water) produces
the heat.

Efficiencies can get fairly high with a well designed
cell but NOT "over unity" as some whackos proclaim.

In fairness to Mr Brown, in the article I read he
was extremely conservative in his claims, he made no
claims of "Browns Gas" or "free energy", simply
he wanted to impress the point that the gases
could be produced togther safely and used for heating
and welding safely, obviously this doesn't use oxygen
from the air and doesn't cause any of the pollution
issues that burning pure hydrogen in the air does.

Having a very hot flame that steam cleans the work
as it welds is smart idea!

I had never heard any whacko claims for hydrogen
until a couple of days ago... :o)


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