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Thread: Hydrogen - making,storage,burning
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Sergio Picado wrote:
>         Actually I was thinking just what would happen if the gases ignited while
> still in the container.  I know that energy would be released as the
> hydrogen and oxygen combined, but once it combined the volume would be
> drastically reduced since it went from gas to liquid water (or water vapor)
> which would take up less space.  Would it be an explosion first then
> immediately followed by an implosion?

       Don't take the implosion stuff too literally.
Mine used to blow the lid off the jar with quite a bit
of force, when the mixture is ignited it releases a LOT
of energy very quickly.

       The good news is that the entire chamber
is mainly water, which is inert and safe. Only the
small amount of gas on top will detonate.

       If you could fill a chamber with the gas and
burn it SLOWLY you would eventually end up with low
pressure, but would not be a vacuum as the water would
evoporate to a vapour as it does in low pressure
chamber. :o)

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