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Thread: Website? ASR-33?
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Now, how does it go. Ah yes

   When I was a boy we had to crawl to school uphill bothways,
   in the snow without shoes (or feet), and lived in a cardboard
   box at the bottom of a frozen lake ....

But -  I never got to cut up wallpaper to make printer paper :-)
Actually, now I think of it, back in them thar days with Creed 7b's I used
to cut up newsprint endrolls.
The Creed 7B's & 54s were 50 baud and used Baudot code (5 bits =  32 symbols
max, no lower case, shift character to change between alphabet and other
characters). Later came the finicky compact "high speed" model 75 good for
10cps! (with a favourable wind and downhill).

It is unlikely that the younger owners of a modern 600dpi laser or 2400 dpi
colour inkjet printer can every imagine the pride and satisfaction
occasioned by actually getting your processor to talk to a "real" printer.
They were obsolescent even then.

My first processor was a National SC/MP. A rather nasty uP by today's
standards but not as bad as the then also current Fairchild F8 - makes PIC
architecture look good :-)

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