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Thread: Program 16F87X with 16F84 programmer?
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Jsalter wrote :
>Can someone kindly validate (or negate) my tenuous grasp of programming the
>16F87X family?
>A "classic" programmer which is made to serially program the 16F84 via pins
>/MCLR, RB6, RB7 (12+ volts, clock, data) may be simply adapted to program
>any of the 16F87X family micros, by merely routing those lines to the
>corresponding pins on the bigger chip.  This assumes using programming
>software that is ready for those chips, e.g. PicAll, IC-Prog, etc.
>If this is true, then one need only construct a socket adapter to map from
>18 pins to 28 and/or 40 pins.  Right?

Bruce Burdon wrote:
>I was hoping one of the regulars would answer, but as yet none seem to have
>had the chance (or they emailed you directly - I didn't do this in case
>lurkers have the same question...).
>Anyway, I am using hardware designed to program the Pic16f84 on the
>Pic16f877 - successfully (Microchips design: AN589).

James, Bruce - I am not an expert on programming algorithms,
but I'll speak what I know, and then maybe one of the experks
will jump in and beat my answer to pulp ..........

I have an inexpensive parallel-port Tait-like EPIC programmer from
melabs.com. It only programs one way - applies 13v to /MCLR line
and strokes RB7/RB6. I've used it to program everything from
16C/F84's to 12C672's to 16C62/71/715/73/74/76's, and now doing

You select the particular chip in downloader s.w., because the
configuration words are different in every chip, but the h.w.
works ok for all of them.

With the 'F87x chips, I just pulled them out of the box and
put them in the programmer. Apparently, they come from the factory
not knowing they are any different from the others, and in fact
so far I have never even used any of the new Flash-ie/debug

I just pretend the 16F876 is a 16C76/JW and it works fine - no
code changes other than the switches at the top of the program
code that selects the particular chip.

hope this helps and regards,
- dan michaels

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