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Thread: Stack Overflows
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> Is there a problem if my code overflows the stack?

No, a stack is just one of those silly frills Microchip puts in there to
justify a higer price.  Sorta like that ALU whatsit thingy.  Go ahead ignore
all this stuff and go merrily on your way.  Just stay away from pacemakers
and nuclear power plant control systems.  (By the way, does Mommy know
you're playing with the 'puter again?)

> like if in the delay i poll some lines and call a function if the
> lines are in a certain state.
> The delay wont matter.  it is trivial.
> but if the stack overflows (ie the delay poll call a function which
> does the same delay routine and call another, and on till the stack
> overflows.) what happens?

It starts forgetting how to return from the outer subroutines.

> does it reset the stack? (empty it like)

No, it starts loosing things off the end, like.

> would it matter?

Does it matter if your subroutines return from where they were called, or is
it OK if they return to after a more recent call?

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