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Thread: GPS Receivers (Global Positioning System)
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> I'm looking for an OEM GPS that outputs NMEA data
> receiver (not a complete GPS unit with LCD).  I
> remember seeing a link on the PIC list or Stamp list
> some time ago but can't find it.  If anhyone knows of
> such a product please post the web site.  Thanks.

Talon technologies make several.
They are NZ based but sell mainly in the USA and will have US outlets.
(They quote ALL their prices only in US dollars).
They do the units for the Rand Macnally in car road map system.

The basic units are about $US70 or 80 AFAIR and provide a serial link to a
PC port with DB9 connector and 5 to 12 volt power feed.
Antenna is included in the unit in the price.
You don't really NEED a development system.
Once you read the basic NMEA material (lots on web) you find the units work
about exactly as you would expect.
Basically plug it in and go.
12 parallel channels.


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