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Thread: Opinions spought on Electrostatic dissipation7
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>Russell McMahon wrote:
>> I'd be interested in opinions (backed by any available hard data) on what
>> constitutes an adequate dissipative surface for a storage container used for
>> electronic components.
>> I have a number of plastic containers which I wish to use for component
>> storage.
>> I have lightly sprayed the interior of a number of these with a thin layer
>> of Nickel spray (intended for EMI/EMC shielding purposes.
>> While this produces an adequately conductive container, the spray is
>> horrendously expensive for this purpose and not always readily available.
>> As a possible alternative I have a rub-on paint like which is intended to
>> produce a metallic "copper" finish for decorative purposes.
>> The resultant finish produces a resistance of around 200 megohms (!!!)


Answer here a little late in coming. Someone mentioned aluminum foil.

For something cheap, effective, durable, low-R, and easy to use,
try aluminum-foil duct tape. Basically, aluminum foil with stickum
on the back. Resistance is essentially non-existent, so ESD
dissipation is more than adequate. Easy to cut, not a mess like
paint or normal foil. When you put your hand in the storage bin,
you'll discharge nicely.

For hard evidence, I can attest that this tape is extremely good
at shielding EMI. Before I started using EMI-shielded ABS boxes
on one of my projects, I shielded a few normal boxes with the
stick-um foil. It worked great at keeping digital noise out
of the analog area a couple of inches away. I just applied the
foil to the inner surface of the ABS case with a strip going
over and catching a gnd lug. Also, used it for quick-build
gnd planes in a few situations.

This should be more "hard data" than you need for your storage
bins, unless protecting against possible EMP.

hope this helps,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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