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Thread: Hydrogen - making,storage,burning
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Roman -

> amusement. Ahhh.. simple childish joys come from an
> unlimited supply of explosive material! All 12 year
> olds should have one.

It's a wonder we survived teenhood.  I usually only toyed with gasoline and
gunpowder (often toghether!)

Drop on by and you can borrow my 200 amp arc welder!  We'll just add a big
200 amp diode ( I have a few around to use for doorstops etc. )  and a
coupla carbon brushes from a 200 horsepower DC motor, and viola!

I really could USE a gas welder, BTW.  I usually use a MIG welder, and I
always liked gas better.

-- Lawrence Lile

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seeking: ubicom devices sx
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