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Thread: Hydrogen - making,storage,burning
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John Walshe wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>     This is waaaaay off topic, but I figure with the wide experiences of the
> people here, someone will have some knowledge to impart.
> I'm toying with the idea of making , storing and subsequently burning
> hydrogen for heating purposes. Does anyone have any good links/comments re
> this type of subject.
> Of course I would be using pics to control whatever processes (level
> control,pressure,flow etc) if anything viable comes from this interest.
> Your comments please
> John

Hi John, I've made plenty of hydrogen in the past,
mainly as a child and teenager. It is quite safe
if you treat it with respect.

I had an article about a scientist called Yul Brown,
he defected from Russia or somewhere in the '70s
and settled in Australia. He proved that you can
generate the gases safely mixed as oxygen-hydrogen,
store them safely (still mixed) under pressure and
then use them straight from the bottle.

He showed the mixture would weld like a dream,
even rusty metals and corroded aluminium. Very
impressive, and with no UV too! I plan on building
a oxy-hyd welder soon, with no mixture control
needed you just change nozzle size and turn one
tap to get different flame sizes. Absolutely perfect
for alloys, surprised there are not many commercial
units about. He was very much against the
"conspiracies" of the oil companies and had been
persecuted. He was also convinced that this fuel
is very safe and much of the safety issues are
lies propagated by the oil cartels, who he said
use their power to make it almost impossible to
finish commercial hydrogen fueled products.

My advice is to treat it with respect, and mainly
keep gas volumes very low, ie, minimum gas volume
in the electrolyser and use very thin lines.

Safe flashback arresters can be made with "bubbling
jars" so gas transfers but a flame won't.

If you keep your gas volumes small and your lines
thin a flash will only detonate a very small
amount of fuel and make a "pop" and blow your
release cap off.

It is feasible to use an electric welder transformer
to power the elctrolyser cell and generate enough
gas to weld, in real time. This is the system I
will build, and I remember the pictures of his setup.
It was a 1977 Electronic Australia magazine, if you
could search for that somehow. :o)


PS. Re heating, he also pioneered a safe flameless
catalytic hydrogen heater that was highly efficient.

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