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Thread: Pic based laser oscilloscope
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Jinx wrote:
> > Also, any hard drive that does NOT have a stepper motor on the
> > outside is a "voice coil" type. These have an expensive neodymium
> > super-magnet and deflection coil setup, useful for high speed high
> > precision deflection. Just glue a mirror (or the laser!) on
> > it and use a spinning mirror for the x scan.
> > -Roman
> I thought about doing this to make a pen plotter - then realised I've
> nothing desperately important to plot ;-((  Good idea about the laser
> though and I've found a novel use for the magnets, TTYL about it
> Have you ever tried the mirror mechs from Oatley ? Thinking of
> re-stocking on their bargains/surplus soon and wondered if it was
> worth getting one to muck about with

No I haven't tried the mirror laser light show things, but
I have bought other things from them.

Have you tried one of their peltier devices? They're fun
to play with, add electricity and make cold. :o)

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