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Thread: PIC Xmit to Serial Port
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> The author of the TX routine did not have _c defined. I defined it as
> #define _c      STATUS,C  ;Carry Flag  since I am doing a RRF.
> Also his baudrate is a constant value which he calculates to 67 for a 2mhz
>  He uses
> clockrate       equ             .2000000   ;Xtal value (2Mhz in this case)
> fclk            equ             clockrate/4
> baudrate        equ             ((fclk/.2400)/3-2) ;2400
> I calculated 33 for 9600 baudrate, I am using a 4mhz on a F84.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I use a macro for doing the UART baud rate calculation.  See
http://www.embedinc.com/pic and look at the macro UART_BAUD in
STD.INS.ASPIC.  I've used this macro accross different projects using
different PICs, including 16xxx and 17xxx parts.

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