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Thread: Design challenge - switching regulator - update
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>you can't do anything cunning like changing the configuration of the
windings on your generator can
>you ?

No. 'fraid not.
For other reasons the alternator configuration is scrosanct. It has been
arrived at after quite some sweat and blood (mainly by others than me) and I
have to live with its constraints.

>[ot][... on that second link they talk about IGBTs too. Long time since I
have heard much about
>them. no one on this list ever
>seems to talk about them or suggest them... seemed to me that they were
pretty cool devices from
>what i can remember, but i don't deal with 'power' stuff
>nowdays. any of you have any experience with these things ? are they fun ?
are they handy ?]

Depends greatly on your application.
IGBT's have an increasing place in power electronics as they get faster and
generally more capable.
An IGBT is essentially a FET front end on a bipolar transistor. While a FET
has a constant on resistance an IGBT has a constantish voltage drop.
At lower currents and voltages FETs generally end up with a better voltage
drop/speed/power/cost mix.
For voltages over a few hundred volts and not-too-fast switching (tens of
kiloHertz) IGBTs are pretty convincing.
My client has a DC motor PWM controlled treadmill operated offline at about
2 kW and this operates with a single IGBT power switch.


               Russell McMahon

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