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Thread: Pic based laser oscilloscope
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Simon Nield wrote:
> sid:
> >Any ideas about the laser deflection?
> I thought the way most of these systems worked was one mirror attached at an angle to a motor,
> spinning at constant speed to give x axis scan, then a second mirror on some kind of voice coil
> arrangement to give the y axis.
> iirc maplin used to sell a home-brew kit for this kind of thing, there were pictures of the
> arrangement in the catalog... try their website http://www.maplin.co.uk
> Regards,
> Simon

A couple of suggestions, all fax machines have precision front-surface
mirrors, these are thin glass strips and can be snapped to size.
Also, any hard drive that does NOT have a stepper motor on the
outside is a "voice coil" type. These have an expensive neodymium
super-magnet and deflection coil setup, useful for high speed high
precision deflection. Just glue a mirror (or the laser!) on
it and use a spinning mirror for the x scan.

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