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Thread: 16F84 help needed.
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Hi Ray, if you have built other projects it shouldn't
be too hard. Did you check Microchip for any 7-seg
app notes?? Sometimes it's hard to navigate their site
but well worth getting used to finding things there.

Also, you emailed this to me direct, not the list.
I have sent it back to the list. :o)

If you are not using MPLAB I suggest you start, you
can use it to simulate your code pieces, and it is
handy for checking register and ram contents when you
are first getting used to the PIC instuction set.
With PIC newbies I always suggest printing the whole
datasheet for that PIC, putting in a folder and writing
notes all through it as you learn the ports and timers
and stuff. Also print the instruction set page and
put it on the wall or side of your monitor. :o)

Good luck!

PS. I think the list has been playing up, some days
lately I have only received a few list emails. There
might be a number of members who haven't seen your

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=16F
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