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Thread: Design challenge - switching regulator - update
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>> Just what sort of generator is it? If using a car alternator, the diodes
>> in
>> these are usually rated at about 50V, and do not like running without a
>> voltage
>> limiting load (read battery).
>Most modern alternators will survive running disconnected, after all, they
>are voltage regulated.  What they really don't like is being disconncted
>while running, as can happen if you have a loose battery connection.  The
>resulting "load dump" will blow lamps and can damage radios etc.  Most car
>electronic systems are supposed to be designed to cope with this situation.

The main limit is my electronics - PWM FET and filter capacitors.
These could be increased to survive ANY user action but there is no point in
doing so and there would be substantial extra cost in doing so.


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Subject (change) Design challenge - switching regulator - update

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