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Thread: Couldn't open port...
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Stuart O'Reilly wrote:
The error message unable to open comm port usually
>means that your comm port is working, it's just that another piece of
>software has opened it before you, finding what bit of software has opened
>it is not as easy as one might think.

Yes, another thing. Under win9x, you can normally jump back and
forth between windose applications that use the same port - I use
PIC programmer and laserjet off the same port via a switch box, etc.

However, if you try running a DOS program that uses a port, like
the Telix term_emulator, in addition to a windose connection where
both talk to the same modem, they are completely mutually-exclusive.
Once windose or DOS commandeers the serial port the other is
excluded, and you can hang the computer by trying a connection.
Port conflicts.

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