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Thread: Auto-off circuit?
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At 07:51 PM 1/22/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I am looking for a circuit that I can implement that will allow a pic to
>turn itself off. I have tried going into sleep mode after a timer time-out,
>but the battery drain is still too much.
>I would like to power up using a momentary push button switch.
>By the way, in sleep mode, my 16f8xx is drawing over 1mA, even after
>following the suggested procedures to minimize drain.
>I want to power the pic from a 9volt transistor radio battery. I am using a
>78L05 regulator. Are there any regulators that have a shut down option?

It's your regulator, Icc ~2ma. Try LM2936, LM2950, or Seiko 81250SGY
[avail digikey/mouser].

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