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Thread: Multiple small object detection
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> I am trying to build a system that finds the X-Y position of about 400
> pieces of lead shot (BB's, balls) as they pass through a 4 foot by 4 foot
> "window."  The shot is approximately .040 inch diameter and is flying at
> 1200 feet per second.  They all come through the window at pretty much the
> same instant (this is from a shotgun).  I really don't know where to start
> on this.  I did some searching on the web, but I didn't find anything
> to this level of complexity.  Do any of you guys(or gals) have any insight
> on where I should start researching this?  I don't know what kind of
> or electronics could handle this kind of speed, size of object, and volume
> of data all at the same time.

Does the device have to work more than once?

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