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Thread: Voltage Amplifier
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> I want to use an amplifier for my ultrasonic receiver. the output of my
> ultrasonic receiver is very small (few mV) at 40 kHz that i want to
> the signal to around 2-5 Volts. I have tried using simple design of
> operational amplifier, the inverting and non-inverting op-amp, but i could
> not get the output.

So you want a gain of about 1000 starting at a few millivolts with around
100KHz bandwidth.  By the way, a few mV is not very small.  It is well large
enough to allow such amplification without introducing much noise.
Microphones often put out in the microvolts range.

A gain of 1000 if a bit much for a single stage.  I would use two stages
each with a gain around 30.  That means you need amps with gain*bandwidth of
somewhat over 3M, which isn't that hard to find.  Two stages also allows for
high pass filtering between the stages to eliminate DC offsets from the
first stage.

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